Rehabilitation Technology

What is rehabilitation Technology

Rehabilitation technology is equipment which has been developed to support the process of rehabilitation.  It is widely recognised that rehabilitation technology has a part to play in maximising function in people who have a neurological condition.

How can rehabilitation technology help me

Hooley and Tuke are strong advocates of the use of rehabilitation equipment.  The equipment that we use has been developed to maximise the neuroplastic changes within the brain which are crucial for increasing function and muscle strength. Significantly rehabilitation technology commonly allows you to continue to exercise when you are not in a therapy session.

Hooley and Tuke utilise Functional electrical stimulation and  SaeboFlex devices to maximise potential where appropriate. We are able to assess and give you an opportunity to trial the equipment. Enabling you to be  confident that it is right for you before you purchase any piece of equipment or device.  Please click on the relevant links  for further information SaeboFlex and Functional Electrical Stimulation pages or contact us for further discussions