• I have foot drop as a result of Multiple Sclerosis and contacted Steve to discuss whether FES would be suitable for me (my Neurologist had told me that it wouldn’t help due to weakness in my hip flexors). Over the course of several sessions Steve assessed me and allowed me to try out an FES at home. I found this invaluable in deciding whether it actually helped . I went on to buy an Ottobock My Gait. Steve was endlessly patient during the fitting process, making tiny alterations to ensure the best result. It has greatly improve the stability and speed of my walking. Prior to using the FES, I had falls on a weekly basis, several times resultng in broken bones. Now I only fall if I am not wearing the FES. Probably the biggest benefit is that it greatly reduces the effort of walking, which allows me to do so much more each day. Steve is only ever an email away to give advice. I would highly recommend Steve and the FES.

    Mary, Ipswich

  • After suffering a fairly major stroke 18 months ago I felt I needed physio more than once a week. Since Steve began to treat me, I have made better progress than I expected. His approach is entirely professional, innovative and always totally caring and supportive.

  • Steve visited me at home and was very helpful. I have had MS for many years and had recently had more difficulties particularly with my right hand. Steve recognised problems quickly and was able to advise me and give me exercises. On his second visit he came with a written plan which has been exactly what I needed. I feel confident that I can call him any time I need further advice and I heartily recommend him.

  • My husband Terry had a Stroke one year and a half ago, Steven has been his Physio for eight months. I can honestly say we have had excellent help, real improvement and a wonderful caring relationship has developed. I could recommend the practice to anyone.

    Lydia and Terry
  • The MyGait¬†FES certainly helped over the weekend – Christine and I were in London, I managed to walk in Greenwich Park, around the Observatory, the Maritime Museum and the Cutty Sark. The following day we went to the Tower of London where I managed numerous steps and stairs, and a walk around the Tower walls – all without my stick or support from my wife. I am really pleased with what I achieved so the device is proving to be beneficial. I must admit to getting tired at times and having to sit down for a while before venturing on but I know that I would not have managed to do what I did without the device. With the MS, I have to accept that my walking will not return to former levels but I am delighted that I can do things that were not possible before the investment in the device.

    Peter, Bury St. Edmunds