FES Devices

We aim to provide an FES solution to suit each individual. We have a range of FES devices for this purpose; The Bioness L300 or Go, the Odstock Pace and the Walkaide. See below for a greater detail on which device may suit you.

The Odstock PACE is a very versatile device. It can be set up to use with or without a cuff on your leg. It can also be set up with a wired or wireless footswitch which means it can meet the needs of most people whether you wear shoes, sandals or boots.


The Walkaide is unique in that it doesn’t use a footswitch to trigger the stimulation. Instead the stimulation to lift your foot is triggered by a tilt sensor. We program the stimulation to come and off at specific angles that your leg moves through as you walk. This lifts your foot up at the right time as you step.