Taking regular exercise is important for everybody but if you have a neurological condition it can make a real difference between maintaining and gaining function.  Hooley and Tuke recognise that it can be difficult for people to access main stream services such as exercise classes within the local leisure centres.

In 2015 Anna Tuke and Steve Hooley started to identify what it was that we could do to change this. We were already working for the Stroke Association providing classes in Haverhill. In response to this Anna Tuke applied for a place at the School for Social Entrepeneurs and was successful in gaining a place at the Eastern Enterprise Hub. This is a years programme funded by Lloyds Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland which provides support and expert advice for people who recognise their corporate social responsibility and want to make a  difference.

Our response to this has been to develop HTFit. The aim of HTFit is to work with local charities to support the development of affordable and accessible  exercise groups across Suffolk and Cambridgeshire for people with a neurological condition. Our exercise groups are run by a qualified therapist and we work with established groups to provide locally based exercise classes. The funding for the groups is provided by the Stroke Association and The Multiple Sclerosis Society. Hooley and Tuke Rehabilitation run the groups on a not for profit bases.

The aim of the groups is to provide people who have a neurological condition opportunities to exercise. The groups can be used to compliment physiotherapy sessions or as a stand alone exercise class. We currently have groups taking place at Haverhill and Newmarket. For further information please click on the links below or contact us directly.


For people who have had a Stroke

The Community Room, Fire Station, Haverhill.




For people who have Multiple Sclerosis

Newmarket Multiple Sclerosis Group.